TOY CAR
All we need is for to do is get a copy of your graphics in a 
EPS file format or PDF file format and a few photos of your car so we can see how it is laid out. It's that easy for you and your race team to have it's very own line of kids toy cars lettered exactly like your race car ! 


This is how each of your 6 cars will arrive in it's packing . Looks exactly like you would buy off the shelf in any major toy store except your race car will be inside of it !
   Cars come in 5 different colors 
Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Black

Chrome rims on left side with mud plugs on the right side. Chrome chassis, rub rails and bumpers !
LARGE  1:16th scale cars !
Just like our model cars we don't do anything little, you get the 
When buying from
Racers Preferred Models !

Cars are 12 inches in length ! 

We design all of our own parts from the tires and rims to the chassis and bodies. Everything on our cars comes from our own line of patent protected parts used exclusively on all of our cars including our model cars as well as our toy car version assuring our customers that your getting a one of a kind car ! 

We can turn your sportsman or modified
into a toy car version ! 
Race Teams you can order these cars in bulk to sell off of your team web site !

Have a race team vending trailer ? Sell out the back of your race hauler in the pits after the races... Many way's for you to be able to sell your own cars and spread your name as well ass your sponsors names !

We can turn out as many cars as you need in a time frame that can't be matched !
Want to purchase the cars as blanks and take care of having them lettered yourself ?  Not a problem ! 
                                      What ever works best for you we will make work on our end !
Once we have your race car templates designed we can turn out 50-100 cars in about 4 weeks  for you !